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The Importance of Finding Adventure Where You Are

As a student abroad, it's easy to get caught up in the allure of far off places. The temptation to hop the first train to a new country the moment class lets out at the end of the week is all-too-familiar to college students living abroad for a university semester. Baylor in Maastricht student, Kandace Little, puts things back in perspective with a reminder of the importance of experiencing your home away from home too. Upon a cursory glance, a Eurail pass seems to be a mere bit of paper, unimpressive with non-descript design and block-style typeface.  image credit: Slayer … [Read more...]

London & Ireland: Best Spring Break Ever

After a long winter, it may have seemed spring would never arrive. For this group of student travelers Spring Break came just in time—a break away from classes for time to take in the sights of England and Ireland.  This week, we had our “spring break” due to Carnival, a week-long celebration in Maastricht. Many of us took advantage of the break by flying to London and Ireland. Though I called it a “vacation,” at some point, I realized that this whole trip is, in a way, a vacation. Yes, I am taking classes. But when you travel to a new country every weekend, it’s hard to think of … [Read more...]

Prague: The City of High Places

Before you set out for international travel, study abroad or otherwise, people always seem to have plenty of advice to give you. Some tips are worth your consideration, while other may leave you doing the 'smile and nod' with no intention of remembering the pointers later. For Baylor in Maastricht student Danny Huizinga, a friend's advice proved well worth it on his student group travels to the Czech Republic. What's the best (and worst) travel advice you've received?  Before leaving for my study abroad semester, a friend who had gone before gave me some wise advice. “Fun thing … [Read more...]

When You Can’t Find Adventure, Make Your Own: Alps Edition

Student group travel isn't all museums and cathedrals. These Baylor in Maastricht study abroad students ventured outside the normal European sightseeing tours for an adventure through the Austrian Alps. Kandace Little delivers the details of their quirky adventure.  I trekked through the Alps. I trekked through the Alps and I liked it. Without knowing me personally, I’m sure the previous statement doesn't seem too momentous.  To put things in perspective for the countless readers who read my posts (by countless I mean few, and by readers, I mainly just mean my mother), I’m the … [Read more...]

Living the Swiss Life

Is there more to Switzerland than chocolate and cheese? Sure, there's extreme sports, beautiful landscape—and did we mention delicious chocolate? Okay, so there's a reason the Swiss are known for it. Baylor in Maastricht group study abroad student, Danny Huizinga, got to experience this sweet—er Swiss—life firsthand.  When we decided to go to Interlaken, Switzerland on a whim this weekend, I had no idea how glorious this place would be! Switzerland is truly breathtaking. The air just seems fresher, and even though there’s snow everywhere, it’s not even that cold! Switzerland … [Read more...]

Austria, the Beautiful

Our student bloggers with the group study abroad program Baylor in Maastricht have wasted no time exploring the gems of Europe. Read about Danny's experience in Austria, and discover a few of his favorite things... The hills are alive with the Sound of Music It’s easy to understand why Julie Andrews was so happy while singing those words in the beginning of The Sound of Music, filmed in Salzburg. Salzburg is a bright, airy little town, with beautiful Austrian buildings, streets, and a great outdoor market. I had no idea what to expect, but I was quickly yet powerfully moved by the … [Read more...]


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