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I Fell in Love in Istanbul

International romances: they're bound to happen when you study abroad. Today's post comes from Baylor in Maastricht student, Kandace Little, who may have found herself shot by cupid's arrow... Read about her Turkish "fling"! This may seem a little soon, but I fell madly in love in Istanbul. Before this trip, I had never believed in love at first sight, scoffed at the mere prospect of such brazen tomfoolery, but I am now its willing casualty. I can describe it only as a whirlwind romance: we locked eyes across a bustling café, time stood still. I could feel my heart thumping in my … [Read more...]

In Istanbul, a Smile Can Go a Long Way

We've sent another group across the pond for a study abroad semester in Europe. Baylor in Maastricht Study Abroad group made a stop somewhere between Europe and Asia, in the wonderful land of Turkey. During their stay in Istanbul, some exciting things happened, as well as lessons learned. Student blogger and Baylor study abroad student Danny Huizinga, shares his experience with us.    What’s the first thing you think of when you picture Istanbul, Turkey? Whatever it is, you're probably wrong. Istanbul defied all of my expectations. It’s truly a beautiful city with an unmatched … [Read more...]

Journey to Discovery: Setting Goals for Study Abroad

Study abroad student, Kandace Little is traveling with our group tour program Baylor in Maastricht for the spring semester. Before diving into her journey, she takes a moment to say a few things about herself and set a few goals for the semester. Because travel isn't just a journey out, but a journey inside yourself, we believe it's important to have a few goals—not necessarily expectations—before setting out on your next travel adventure. Ever since I started, I saw school as sacred ground. School supply shopping was a magical time when, clutching those lists elementary schools request … [Read more...]

Say Hello to Our Spring Student Bloggers

Every semester, Millennium Tours selects study abroad students to partner with on their journeys abroad. These student bloggers are part of our custom group study abroad programs, and have committed to capturing stories through words and photos to share with us. We are happy to announce our student bloggers for spring 2014! Get to know them here and leave em some love!  Meet Danny. Danny Huizinga is a junior at Baylor University in Waco, Texas majoring in Economics, Finance, and Business Fellows with minors in Mathematics and Political Science. He plans to work in Washington, DC upon … [Read more...]


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