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Practicing Proper Travel Etiquette: France

Today's travel etiquette feature take us to France, the land of romance and fine cuisine. Traveling away from your home culture always raises the question of etiquette. What to wear, what to say... Do you tip? Smile at passersby? Knowing the proper etiquette for your next travel destination is a vital part of your experience. Today, we're taking a look a France—just because they've got a bad rep for being snobby doesn't mean you should ignore their customs. (And, actually, a little effort can go a long way...we're rather fond of the French!) Here are a few things you should know before … [Read more...]

Four Reasons to Book Group Travel with a Tour Operator

Why use a tour operator to plan your group travel program? In the age of the travel-booking technology, rating systems, and mobile apps, many people think they can plan a group travel on their own. Many believe they can do it better and cheaper. But  will booking your own travel online actually save you time and money? Is it worth the hassle? Unfortunately, when it comes to international travel, there are many factors that the average self-trip planner doesn't consider, as well as many things he just can't do on his own, no matter how experienced he feels he is. Accidents happen, flights get … [Read more...]


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